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CoRaTech GmbH


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The CoRa Tech GmbH was founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of the Belgian Ravago group. The central issue was and is the recycling of thermo-sculptural plastic rest materials which are processed in a pelletsproces to Regranulat. CoRa Techdelivers in wide parts of Europe and occasional over these borders. The yearly Production lies by approx. 7000 to.


In the course of the years the products were adapted stronger to the needs of the customers. For many end-products a ready solution can be presented. In particular this is valid for garden- and plantproducts and the most different forms of containers.

Besides that, we offer the possibility to process leftover materials, to bring them back to their original production. Also we guarantee the highest cleanliness and diligence.






Many of our employees are working for CoRa Techsince the estasblishment of the company. This brings a valuable treasure inexperience along with it which we used to develop and improve the regranulatesfor our customer.

Because we don’t just rely on our experience weintroduced in 2001 a Qualitymanagement-system of DIN EN ISO 9001;2008 and areworking actively at improving our service.



To guarantee a regulated and controlled input in raw goods, we also perform the demands fordisposal field companies since 2001.


A high customer connection is our aim and "zeromistakes" our aspiration. Also we do not want to give up the flexibility and personal note which, we own as a medium constantly operating enterprise.